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October 25, 2023

We Tested This Unexpected Mind Blowing Clearance Deal

We really enjoyed our testing on this CLEARANCE DEAL from Palmetto State Armory. If you watched (or go watch) our Best 9mm Handgun for Women video you can see how the Ruger Security-9 stacked up against the competition. You don't want to miss this one (pun intended).

The Ruger Security-9 first showed up on our radar as we started our search for the perfect 9mm handgun for women. We put it through the paces, took it to the range several times, and had at least 8 different women of differing experience levels pull the trigger on it.

What is the BEST 9mm Handgun?

Make sure you watch Our Comparison Review Video for more information.

While it didn't land itself at the very top of the list, it definitely wasn't at the bottom. Most of our shooters enjoyed sending rounds downrange from the Security-9 and I bet most of them would be very intrigued by this Clearance Deal from Palmetto State Armory.

Ruger Security-9 got high marks in our testing.

For $249.99 plus tax, shipping, and most likely an FFL fee for transfer to your local gun store and it can be yours!

Don't wait too long on this deal. It's listed as a daily deal, which means it won't last long. And the fact that it says CLEARANCE means they may not have many more!

We Tested This Unexpected Mind Blowing Clearance Deal
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