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December 7, 2023
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Let's Compare The Best Smokeless Fire Pits

It probably comes as no surprise to you that we still love making fires in our smokeless fire pits. But which one is the best? Which one do we use the most? And are there specific uses for which we would choose only one?

If you’ve watched our channel much over the past couple of years, you know we love a smokeless fire pit. 

We’ve done a review on the SoloStove Bonfire as well as several SoloStove products. We’ve reviewed the Breeo Y Series smokeless fire pit and we recently got this WarmBond BondStove. The complete review on the WarmBond will also be coming soon. You may want to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss that!

We get asked all the time which of these fire pits is our favorite.

So come along with us as we give you the information to help decide which one you might like to get for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

I will add here that we have affiliate links with all three brands throughout the article. If you decide you want to buy one of these, please use our link to help us earn a small commission at no cost to you and help support the work we do!

There are a lot more details in the complete reviews we did on the SoloStove Bonfire and the Breeo Y Series, so if this article doesn’t answer your questions, those videos might. 

How close are they in size?

  • With its adjustable legs, the Breeo Y Series can be up to 21” off the ground, which is slightly higher than the WarmBond.
The Breeo Y-series can be the tallest at 21" with the legs extended completely
  • The SoloStove Bonfire sits 14” off the ground, but with the stand, it is 17".
  • As far as weight, the Bonfire is the lightest at ~23 lbs and the other two are 31 lbs.

Are there other size options?

  • SoloStove makes a Ranger, which is smaller and a Yukon that’s a big larger.
  • This is the only size available in the Breeo Y Series, but they also have an X-series that isn’t as portable. The X-series has 4 size options.
  • And as far as “backyard fire pits” this is the only size the WarmBond comes in right now.

They are all made of Stainless Steel.

The colored Bonfires and the Warmbond also have a ceramic coating on the outside for increased weather protections, where the Breeo doesn’t.

What kind of fuel is okay to use in these firepits?

Starting a fire in the SoloStove Bonfire with kindling and wood. We've also used charcoal to cook over.
  • According to their websites, the WarmBond can use wood or charcoal.
  • SoloStove is definitely meant for wood but doesn’t mention anything about charcoal, and you can buy a pellet adapter for $50.
  • And with the Breeo, you can use wood, charcoal, or pellets.

One question people always ask us: "Is it safe to put your firepit on the ground or a deck?"

  • The SoloStove is not - you have to either buy a stand which is $50, or they often have package deals where it is included.
  • The WarmBond comes with platforms and a heat shield, which make it safe.
  • And the Breeo has adjustable legs that elevate it enough to decrease the space between the heat and the surface.

How hot do the stoves actually get?

Each of the fire pits produce A LOT of heat once the fire gets going
  • One thing often mentioned with these smokeless fire pits is that the heat tends to stay mostly just above the fire pits
  • Each of the stoves reached at least 1,000 degrees or more at the top of the stove.
  • We tried testing temperatures out to the side of each stove but couldn't actually get good readings out to the side away from each stove.
  • Both the SoloStove and the Breeo have a heat deflector option to help disperse heat out to the sides a little better. This spreads the heat some so you don’t have to sit so close to the fire.
  • The WarmBond does not yet have a heat deflector available. 

What are the options for cooking on these firepits?

  • All three have cooking options.
  • The WarmBond comes with a grill plate that just sits right on top, and you can buy a grill lid kit for $150.
  • The SoloStove has several options, including a grill, griddle, and wok attachment.
Cooking steaks and baked potatoes on the SoloStove Bonfire and Grill attachment
  • We’ve done complete reviews on the Griddle and Grill if you want more information about those options.
  • The Breeo also has a pretty cool cooking setup.
  • You can purchase what they call the Outpost grill, which can actually be used over a regular campfire as well without the fire pit.
Cooking hotdogs on the Breeo Outpost Grill
  • We used it quite a bit during our testing, and really liked the ease of use.
  • They also have a skillet rest, a sear plate that goes right over the top of the firepit as well as sear plates that attach to the outpost. 
  • Of those three, the easiest to use is the outpost grill.

Is it easy to clean the ashes out of the bottom?

  • The WarmBond Bond Stove and the SoloStove Bonfire both have removable ash pans, so it’s pretty easy to just dump out the ashes.
  • But with the Breeo, you have to pick it up and dump it out.

How easy is it to take them places or move them around?

  • The Breeo Y Series has a handle on one side, which makes it easier pretty easy to carry.
Carry Handle on the Breeo Y series makes moving it around easy
  • The Bonfire is small and light enough to just pick up and carry, but you can buy a handle for $35 - which is, of course, much easier.
  • Or, you can carry it in the carry bag.
  • The WarmBond comes with a carry bag, and you can buy a wheel kit and just roll it around instead of having it sit on the platforms.

And, just a few other things that might interest you:

  • The others don’t have this option just yet.
  • One feature that really stands out about the Breeo is that it is made in the USA.

How much do each of the smokeless firepits cost?

  • The Breeo has the highest cost with an MSRP of $495 and a lot of that is because it is made in the USA. The included base and handle are also part of that price.
  • MSRP on the SoloStove Bonfire is $299.99, but you can pretty much always get it on sale - and our discount code below will also get you $10 off. 
  • The WarmBond comes in at $349.99 but that does include the grill plate, and you can use our discount code below for 30% off if you like that one best.

And, lastly, all three companies provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects, so you do have some peace of mind there. 

WarmBond BondStove
SoloStove Bonfire
Breeo Y-Series
19.6" tall 19.6" wide x 17.6" deep
14" tall 19.5" diameter
11"-21" tall; differing heights for different applications
31 lbs
23 lbs
31 lbs
Grill top sits right on the stove. Can order grill pack with lid and cooking utensils.
Has available Grill, Griddle, and Wok accessories. All cast iron cooking accessories.
Outpost Grill attachment may have been our favorite way to cook on the firepits
$349 (Sale right now for $269); use code Review30 for 30% off!
$224.99 for firepit only; Lots of other bundles w/stand or cooking accessories. Use our Coupon Code: ReviewThisThing10
$495, Outpost Grill is $100 addition


So which one is the best? Which one should you choose?

I'm sure you know the answer to depends!
Whichever you choose, just make sure you put it to good use!

Which smokeless firepit you choose will really depend on your primary use. There's obviously a lot of information to consider in making your decision. Hopefully we've helped show you a lot of the different options between each of the versions in this article.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Make sure you stay tuned to the YouTube channel if you want more information about the WarmBond BondStove, the full review will be coming soon.

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