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April 7, 2023
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Which Turkey Choke Is THE Best?

When you search the internet for the best turkey choke, it's easy to find the bigger brand names that have been part of the industry for years. But what about the other guys? Are there others around that are equally as good if not better?

If you read last week's article about how to choose a turkey choke and were surprised by the suggestion that you may not even need a new one, you will probably want to keep reading.

By now you've hopefully done quite a bit of your own research, read a ton of articles, and watched even more videos (including ours). Preferably, you've been out on the range and shot some turkey targets, too. After all of that, you may have decided that you need a new turkey choke this year.

What's the next step in buying a choke?

At this point, you should have a few turkey loads you want to try out. Probably the most important thing here is to understand the makeup of your load. Some choke tubes are actually designed to use only with lead shot, while others are made more specifically for Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) loads, so that's a great place to start.

Like we mentioned last week, keep up the research.

When you search the internet for the best turkey choke, it's easy to find the bigger brand names that have been part of the industry for years.

But what about the smaller manufacturers that also make great choke tubes?

That's where we want to take you this week.

Let's take a look at a few of the specific turkey chokes we've been shooting the past couple of years as well as a couple that are new to us this year.

Product Name
HS Strut Undertaker
Trulock Choke Tubes
Rectifire Chokes
4.5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Price Point
Around $20
Easily produces turkey killing patterns year after year.
Consistently provides deadly patterns across multiple shotguns and calibers
Turns Federal TSS into an absolute turkey killing machine
Guns We've Used This Choke In
Mossberg 535 (12 gauge), Mossberg 835 (12 gauge), Remington 870 (20 gauge)
Stoeger M3000 and M3020, Mossberg 500 (410), Mossberg SA-28, CVA Scout (410), Remington 870 (20 gauge)
Remington 870 (20 gauge), Stoeger M3020, CVA Scout (410), Mossberg 500 (410)


ALL of the gun, choke, and load combinations we've tested this spring would kill a turkey easily at 20 yards and most all of the combinations would have no difficulty harvesting that same gobbler from 40 yards away.

Have fun and get to shooting!

Best of luck this season! Send us a picture and your load combination when you get one!

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Stay tuned for full reviews coming on the CVA Scout 410, Mossberg 500 in 410 caliber, and the Mossberg SA-28 gauge.

As always, please email or comment with any questions you may have also.

*All opinions are ours. We are not paid for any of these reviews. We were able to borrow or purchase some of these items for testing and review at a discount. This never impacts our opinions or freedom to report on them. Our goal is to always provide a thorough, unbiased, and honest review with no fluff - just facts and our opinions - so you can make a well-informed buying decision.