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July 10, 2024

Check Out Brownells Ammo Sale While The Deals Last

Rarely have we seen sale prices on ammo recently, but Brownells is doing it online, right now! We've highlighted a few of our favorite rifle rounds that you've seen us shoot, but there's plenty more to browse through including handgun, rimfire, and shotgun ammunition.

I'm not sure about you, but I've always known Brownells for their guns and gun parts. If I broke something on a gun or just needed extra parts, their website is one that I always check.

This week, we're highlighting a few deals from Brownells on factory ammunition you've seen us shoot on the channel.

Let's start off with one of our favorites: 

Norma Whitetail 308 150 grain softpoint

Norma Whitetail loads have been a favorite in several of our rifles. In both 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor they tend to be accurate out of whichever brand rifle we are testing that day. We've killed several deer with these rounds and have had no difficulty with bullet expansion and recovery of those animals. Right now Brownells has this round on sale for $23.88, coming in at $1.19/round.

Next up is a common round I've seen in many stores recently, but not at this low of a price.

My Bergara Ridge absolutely loves this round and still to this day one of the smallest groups I've ever shot has been shot with Winchester Deer Season XP out of that Bergara. And, just in case you're interested, Brownells has that gun on sale right now as well!

Winchester Deer Season XP 6.5 CM 125 grain

I haven't used this round on any game yet, but I have zero doubts they would perform well. They are on sale for $28.99, coming in at $1.45/round.

And last but not least for this week, we can't forget the Hornady Precision Hunter.

Brownells has a couple of different calibers on sale right now in the Precision Hunter, but the only one we've used on our channel has been in 308. They performed okay in Adrian's CVA Cascade but that rifle doesn't seem to like the 165 grain or higher bullets for some reason. These Precision Hunter rounds are 178 grains in the 308.

Hornady Precision Hunter 308 178 grains

These are on sale for $36.99 which puts them at $1.85/round. We've used the Precision Hunter bullet in 6.5 CM on deer and pigs with great results. The first two deer I was able to harvest with that 143 grain bullet went a total of about 30 yards!

Keep in mind, this isn't the only ammo on sale right now. We're just highlighting some of the rounds we've shot and know to perform well from our rifles. They also have quite a bit of handgun, rimfire, and shotgun ammunition on sale. Check out their website for the rest of the ammunition deals and more!

Check Out Brownells Ammo Sale While The Deals Last
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