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February 15, 2024

You need these spectacular clearance deals

If you've been around our website for long at all, you probably know that we are always watching for new deals from Palmetto State Armory. This week is no different, and they haven't disappointed with these new deals. But don't wait! The fact that they say CLEARANCE makes me assume neither of them will last long!

If you aren't following or getting emails from Palmetto State Armory, you need to be!

Yes, they are going to send you 3-4 emails per day sometimes with lots of the same deals each time. But, when you come across a good deal, sometimes it's a really good deal!

And that's what we think we've found for you this week.

First up, we couldn't believe it when we saw this PSA Dagger version on clearance sale for $259.99. In case you missed our PSA Dagger complete review, feel free to check it out HERE.

Our PSA Dagger that we love shooting!

We're really impressed with this pistol and have enjoyed shooting it over the past several months. It carries and handles just as easy as a Glock 19. If you're looking for something with a smaller frame, you can find smaller. But if you're looking for a pistol in that same family as the Glock 19, make sure you check out the PSA Dagger.

At the clearance price of $259.99, I don't think you can go wrong.

Of course, this looks like a base model version of the PSA Dagger. If you're looking for an optic cut slide or threaded barrel, you can find that as well. That's one of the main draws to the PSA Dagger, they have so many different options available it's hard to choose just one!

If you get tired of the combination you have, it's really easy and affordable to accessorize, change slides, or even get a new barrel for this gun. Check out their website for more of the options and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Secondly, this combo deal price is one for the books.

It's a two-piece deal that basically gets you a new 3-9x40 scope for $30!

The SIG SAUER WHISKEY 3 RIFLESCOPE & VORTEX CANTILEVER MOUNT clearance deal is only $129.99. The lowest price we remember seeing on the mount by itself is on Amazon and it's basically about $100 depending upon the exact one you purchase. Which essentially means you're getting a Sig Sauer scope for only $30.

Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 Scope and Vortex Cantilever Mount Combo Deal

Based on PSA prices, you save $89.99 when you add both of them to your cart at the same time for the deal. If you've even remotely been considering a new cantilever mount for your AR style rifle or for your next one, you need to make this happen today!

You need these spectacular clearance deals
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