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January 25, 2024

Two of Our Favorites On Sale Now!

I couldn't believe it when I found these two rifles on sale in the same place! One website, two great rifles, two amazing deals. Of course, they have a large variety of other items on sale, including other guns, but these two definitely caught our eye.

I was scouring my way around website after website searching for a good deal for this week, and I couldn't believe it when I saw it! Right there, on the same website, were two of our favorites, and they are BOTH on SALE!

Truthfully, Brownells has a lot more on sale right now than just these two items. There are a ton of deals on gun cleaning and reloading items, which is what I was planning to tell you about initially.

But, when I found these deals, I knew I had to get them out to you.

Favorite #1: Bergara B14 Ridge 6.5 CM

If you've been around our website or YouTube channel for long, you know that we have a B14 Wilderness Ridge which means it has just a couple of extra features as compared to the B14. But those features don't actually make it shoot any better! We've had it for several years now, and Adrian actually took a deer with it this past season.

A wide 6 pointer that Adrian took with a Bergara B14 Wilderness Ridge 6.5 CM this past season.

Brownells has it on sale, but to actually see the price, you have to "add it to your cart." However, I plan on spoiling it for you and telling you the price right now: It's $749.99, which is $80 less than their regular price.

Favorite #2: CVA Cascade XT 6.5 CM

This should come as no surprise to any of you! I don't think I would be mistaken if I said the rifle that we've shot the most on our channel is Adrian's original CVA Cascade in .308. We have several different videos posted about it and have at least four different factory ammo tests from the CVA Cascade.

Nice buck Adrian took with her original CVA Cascade in .308.

About a year ago CVA announced the newest addition to their Cascade lineup and of course we had to get one! Since then we've been shooting it quite a bit and have a sighting in video ready for you. Coming soon will be a more videos about the Cascade XT including comparing it to a short barreled version of the Cascade.

The CVA Cascade XT price is also hidden behind an "Add to cart to see price" sign, so I will go ahead and ruin it for you. It's on sale for $679.99! That's $90 off their original listed price and much less expensive than several other places I found it.

If you're in the market for a new rifle, make sure you check out Brownells website as they have these and a lot more sales going on right now! Don't wait though, at these prices they may be gone soon.

Now keep in mind, you will need a local FFL for transfer when you purchase one of these rifles. They will have to be shipped to an FFL for you to do all the paperwork included in the transfer and pickup of a firearm.

Two of Our Favorites On Sale Now!
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