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Robbie & Adrian
April 21, 2023
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From Camo to Calls: Inside Adrian's Turkey Hunting Setup

Not only are we constantly testing new gear for you guys, but we're always on the lookout for the best equipment that fits our purposes in the field also.

Not only are we constantly testing new gear for you guys, but we're always on the lookout for the best equipment that fits our purposes in the field also. This week we take a look at Adrian's turkey hunting setup for this year.

One thing you should know about Adrian - she regularly switches up her hunting kits. She's steadily searching for the next best piece of gear, the best-fitting turkey vest, or that perfect pair of hunting pants.

Just to prove my point, this is her fifth year turkey hunting and her fourth different turkey vest/backpack for carrying gear into the woods. (Here's our review of the Knight & Hale Run and Gun 200 that she used last year.)

With those yearly changes, she is dialing in her best pieces of gear and clothing.

She has carried a few things from season to season, but she's still working on  perfecting it all. Here are a few highlights of her kit for this year.

Adrian carrying all her gear AND her first Merriam's Turkey

2023 Gun Setup:

Most often, people want to know what the gun of choice is, and this year Adrian decided she wanted to hunt with a .410. So, she went with the pump action from Mossberg.

But if you watched any of our recent patterning videos, GUN choice is only a piece of it.

Choke tubes and ammo selection are also HUGE.  

Check out our recent posts about choosing a choke tube if you really want to start down a rabbit hole. And, you can watch both TSS testing videos we did with this Mossberg 500 to come up with the rest of our rig.

Camo Clothing Picks:

Before you get too far into the list, we are NOT brand-loyal to anyone. We just happen to have found these pieces of FirstLite clothing that Adrian really likes. If you have some better ideas, email and let us know!

First Lite Long Sleeve Wick Shirt

As many of you know, those layering and clothing choice conversations always seem more difficult during turkey season simply because the temperatures vary so much. It could be downright cold as the sun comes up in the morning but then easily reach into the 70's and 80's during midday or evening hunts.

That's partially why Adrian switches things up so much. She's trying to find the fewest layers possible to accomplish ideal body temperature, knowing there's only so much room in her vest or pack.

So, choosing the right layers for every hunt can be a bit of a challenge.

Hearing Perfection

(See our Review of Tetra Alpha Shields)

Tetra hearing devices are not your typical hearing protection. Their industry-patented sound technology both enhances and protects.

According the their website, they are the "world’s first hearing technology that isolates and enhances the exact frequencies needed to improve hearing for your specific environment."

In layman's terms - they're designed so you can hear turkeys better while protecting your ears when you shoot.

Though Adrian loves the Tetra Alpha Shields she previously reviewed, this year she is now using Tetra Custom Shields.

Tetra Custom Shields - enhances sounds and protects your ears from gun shots

Adrian had custom ear molds made. Then the devices are built to fit and programmed specifically for her based on an individualized hearing test.

A full review on the Tetra Custom Shields will be coming soon.

Turkey Calls:

Adrian's absolute most favorite call is a glass friction call. She can use reed mouth calls, but always reaches for this call first.

Turkey Hunting Vest:

The elusive perfect turkey vest is the piece of equipment that she's probably changed the most in the past few years, and this year is no different.

After trying on several vests at the NWTF show in Nashville, she decided on a new one. For this year, it is the:

Newly Released Tethrd M2 Hunting Vest

So far she's pretty happy with it, but also has some ideas of how she can make it better. The nice thing is that M2 stands for "Mobile and Modular," meaning a lot of adjustments can be made.

A complete review of the vest will be out early next year prior to turkey season.

Pros & Cons


Really enjoying the Tethrd M2 Vest so far

Tetra Custom Shields fit amazingly well, block loud sounds, and amplify the sounds we need to hear

Loving the Mossberg 500 setup


Layer anxiety produced by the vastly differing temperatures during turkey season

Do wish the Mossberg 500 had a thumbhole or pistol grip stock


Should I Buy This Thing?

Hopefully by the end of the season we will have a better idea as to which pieces she really likes and which will definitely be left behind after this turkey season. Stay tuned!

If you like what we're doing, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as reviews and testing videos are coming out each week.

Make sure you check our full reviews on the Mossberg 500 as well as our most recent look at and testing of the sub-gauge .410 caliber!

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Robbie & Adrian

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