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August 15, 2022
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Come Meet the Bergara Family

If someone offered you the opportunity to attend a shooting event at a top notch range and shoot firearm-industry-leading bolt action rifles, what would your answer be? For us it was, "Where do I sign up?"

Adrian shooting the Bergara Premier Competition Rifle at the Bergara Experience

If someone offered you the opportunity to attend a shooting event at a top notch range and shoot firearm-industry-leading bolt action rifles, what would your answer be? For us it was, "Where do I sign up?"

When we first got word about the Bergara Experience, both Adrian and I knew we absolutely wanted to be there.

If you haven’t heard of Bergara rifles, you haven’t been watching the long gun market lately. They’ve been making rifles for production since 2014 but were making some of the best rifle barrels you could get for several years before then.

One of their main tag lines is, “Our Barrels Make The Difference.” And they do!

But what I want to highlight this week is that the Bergara Experience was such a great day because of their people. Tony Smotherman, Head of Influencer Relations said it best that day, “Yes, the barrels are part of what makes the difference, but the people of Bergara are what really makes the difference.”

We’ve gotten to know several people on the Bergara Team in the recent past, and they’ve always treated us like part of the family.

And, on this day at the Bergara Experience, I feel like they added at least 70-75 more people to the Bergara family! (There were about 80 people at the event total, but as you know, you can’t please everyone!)

We had a blast the whole day…pun intended!

They were gracious enough to allow Adrian and I up to the range a little early to have a look around, meet more of the staff, and get some good footage for our review before all the shooting commenced. Those guys at the range welcomed us right in and were a wealth of knowledge when it came to each part of their rifles.

Not only did they help us with the rifles, but these guys know how to shoot also!

One thing that was mentioned several times by the Bergara guys working each rifle was how much they enjoyed the opportunity to extend someone’s personal best shooting ranges. They helped everyone from novice to self-proclaimed shooting experts reach out and touch steel at 1,000 yards!

Imagine that! There were people at the Bergara Experience that had barely shot a bolt action rifle before that were able to sit down behind a Bergara Premier Series rifle and hit a target at 1,000 yards!

That fact speaks volumes to the quality of a Bergara Rifle and to the guys working each station teaching shooting techniques and helping everyone along the way.

They made sure to have a little something for everyone. If you weren’t interested in shooting a centerfire rifle, they had a couple of their rimfire rifles set up also. You could shoot Bergara B14 Trainer .22 caliber rifle at ranges from 50 yards to 300 yards, plinking steel with a Bergara shooting team professional acting as your spotter!

All of their rifles were topped with Vortex scopes, and a Vortex team member was there, showing off their line of rifle scopes. He was also a great resource of information not only about the scopes he had, but also able to help with any shooting related questions.

Sierra GameKing Ammunition

Sierra was their ammunition sponsor for the centerfire ammo, and Lapua was the sponsor for the rimfire cartridges.

As you’ve probably seen from our ammo testing videos, we are always looking for the bullet that's going to shoot the best out of each rifle.

I was thoroughly impressed with the 140 grain Sierra grain TGK Gamechanger ammunition. Each rifle was chambered in 6.5 Creedmor and all of them were shooting the same bullets. Amazingly, all the rifles were performing well with this bullet.

I was able to hit steel at 1,000 yards with 3 different Bergara rifles using this load.

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the .58 MOA group that I shot at 1,000 yards (on a digital target) with the Bergara MgLite chambered in a 6.5 Creedmoor!

I am usually not that good of a shooter, so I was really impressed!

In case you can’t tell, I would highly recommend going to spend a day shooting with the Bergara family. They have been offering two Bergara Experiences per year in the past few years, and the next one is coming up soon on August 20, 2022 in Colorado. Hopefully if you want to attend, you’ve already signed up. Make sure to sign up for their newsletter to find out when and where the next ones will be.

You will want to be waiting at your computer as the event sign up page goes live. The spots for this event go quickly.

Thank you again, Bergara, for the really fun day of shooting and education. Mostly, thanks for treating us all like part of the family!

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