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Robbie & Adrian
December 30, 2022
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Continue to be Surprised by the Hawke Nature Trek Spotting Scope!

We didn't realize just how much we needed this spotting scope until we got it! It seems like each week we find a new use for this great addition to our shooting bag.


We didn't realize just how much we needed this spotting scope until we got it! It seems like each week we find a new use for this great addition to our shooting bag.

And the best part is, it easily fits into our range bag because it's so small!

This summer we were at an event where they had this Hawke Optics Nature Trek spotting scope, and we were super impressed with it.

Even though it's very small and compact, the clarity and ability to see at longer ranges was amazing!

We reached out to the folks at Hawke Optics and they sent one of these over for us to test out.

Using the Hawke Nature Trek Spotting Scope to view Pronghorn

We've had it about 4 months, used it several different ways, and really tried to put it through its paces. Our favorite part is probably the size. It's so easy to carry and handle. This particular version of the Nature Trek spotting scope is a 9-27x56.

Total length is only about 7.5inches, and height from the bottom to the top is right at 4 inches.

As you know, I was hunting in Colorado this past September, and I wanted to take a spotting scope, but I didn't want to take the much larger and heavier Athlon spotting scope that we've previously reviewed on our channel.

The Hawke Nature Trek spotting scope was perfect for that purpose.

Hawke advertises this spotting scope to have "exceptional optical performance in a lightweight, waterproof design." We would definitely agree with those claims. Although we haven't torture tested it to make completely sure about the waterproof part - we usually try take care of our stuff.

We have used it in foggy/rainy conditions and haven't had any trouble.

It has been really easy to pair this spotting scope with a couple of different viewers to help film through the scope and even zoom in further for more detail. We've used the Tactacam Spotter LR, which we've reviewed here on the channel, and a Magview S1 Spotting Scope Adapter. Both these viewers fit the Nature Trek Spotting Scope easily.

Pros & Cons

  • Small, lightweight, easy to carry
  • Glass designed specifically for edge-to-edge clarity
  • Great for spotting animals at long ranges
  • Amazing addition to our range bag
  • Easily mounted to tripod
  • Easy to use viewing adapters
  • Low Price in comparison to similar spotting scopes
  • Difficult to see specific details at longer ranges
  • We needed a zoom function from a viewer for shooting at the range >200 yards


Should I Buy This Thing?

If you're looking for a new spotting scope that you can use at the shooting range and will be easy to carry in the backcountry for glassing animals, make sure you check out our video. The Hawke Nature Trek 9-27x56 might be exactly what you're looking for!

If you have used any Hawke products, and especially this spotting scope, please email us or comment on the video and let us know your experience. If you've used other spotting scopes and consider one of them to be the best on the market, please comment or email us so we can check it out!

As always, please email or comment with any questions you may have also.

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Robbie & Adrian

Adrian and Robbie have been researching and finding great products and places for a long time. But since 2020...they've been doing it for you too!