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Robbie & Adrian
January 13, 2023
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Leupold DeltaPoint Micro Review: A Durable and Reliable Red Dot

If you've been around our channel, you know we really like red dots. We have red dots on our turkey guns, our ARs, and several of our rifle scopes have illuminated reticles. So it just made sense to take a look at these pistol red dots and see what we thought.


If you've been around our channel, you know we really like red dots. We have red dots on our turkey guns, our ARs, and several of our rifle scopes have illuminated reticles. So it just made sense to take a look at these pistol red dots and see what we thought.

Last spring Adrian was able to shoot a pistol with the Leupold DeltaPoint Micro mounted while at a shooting event, and she really liked it. When I saw it, I was definitely skeptical, but we thought it would be worth a shot (pun intended)!

Leopold was kind enough to send us one over to test. We've now had it on this pistol for a while and are ready to give you guys a review. Watch our full review below and keep reading for more details.

This red dot was designed specifically for concealed carry and personal defense.

Leupold says one of the major benefits of the DeltaPoint Micro is fast target acquisition.

When I first saw this red dot, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to get on target quickly.

DeltaPoint Micro

The main reason I was skeptical is that most red dots I've used have a much bigger picture window. With how small this sight is, I was afraid the narrow tube would limit my ability to find the red dot and get on target, but WOW was I wrong! The fact that it lines up with the iron sights when you bring the gun to ready position makes presentation natural and the dot easy to find. This makes it really easy to present the gun, acquire your target, and shoot. I was really surprised the first few times I shot with it.

I was definitely wrong about the DeltaPoint Micro and target acquisition is actually as easy as Leupold says it is.

It did take a couple of practice sessions to get faster at it, and obviously you need to keep practicing to stay proficient, but I have been very pleased since I got the hang of it.

Leupold also claims the DeltaPoint Micro is extremely accurate.

Once we got it mounted and zeroed, I've really been impressed with how accurate it is. In a couple of different sessions, we backed up to 20 and 25 yards, and I was able to stay on target with probably an 8x10 steel target. But, I was actually hitting about a six-inch circle right in the middle of it. It may be that any red dot would give me something to focus on to improve consistency, but I can definitely say this one has kept me more accurate at any distance than I would be without it.

DeltaPoint Micro installed on Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus

SPECS: (by our measures)

  • Total length is 2.25 inches
  • Width of the objective in eyepiece is 0.35 inches
  • Sits a half an inch off the top of the slide.
  • Total weight: 1.1 ounce

The size of the DeltaPoint Micro makes it simple to conceal and carry. I've been carrying it with an inside the waistband holster from 1791 Gunleather and can't really tell a difference in carrying the gun with or without the red dot installed.

Leupold makes two versions of the DeltaPoint Micro:

Mine is the version for a Smith Wesson M&P Plus.

The DeltaPoint Micro was very easy to mount.

The rear sight pushes off with a hammer and a punch. Once you get the rear sight post off, the Delta Point Micro has a two-point mount. One is a dovetail piece that fits where the rear sight post was, and the other is the actual micro red dot. There are two screws on either side that fit right down in the dovetail mount, and tightening these screws gives it a solid grip on the pistol.

If you don't feel comfortable using a hammer and punch on your new gun, or an old gun for that matter, you can always take it to a gunsmith, and they'll get it mounted for you. I've shot several hundred rounds through the pistol since mounting it, and it has stayed right in place with no problems.

Pros & Cons

  • Designed, built, and tested in the USA!
  • Easy to install
  • Quick target acquisition despite the small size
  • Accurate through hundreds of rounds so far
  • 3 MOA dot with eight (8) different levels of brightness
  • Turns off to save battery if no movement, even slight movement turns it back on

  • Have to remove battery cover for slide removal/cleaning
  • Retails for $399.99, though I have seen it on sale for less


Is this the best pistol red dot for you?

You guys know, it depends on what you are looking for! If you don't have a Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P, you probably should look for a different red dot. But, if the DeltaPoint Micro will fit your pistol, I suggest taking a closer look for sure. I've really been impressed with target acquisition and how accurate this red dot is, and I haven't been able to run the battery completely dead. Combine that with how much I like my Smith Wesson M&P Plus, on which it fits perfectly, and I would definitely recommend taking this red dot for a ride to the range!

Should I Buy This Thing?

If you have used any Leupold red dot products, especially this one, please email us or comment on the video and let us know your experience. If you've used other concealed carry red dots and consider one of them to be the best on the market, please comment or email us so we can check it out!

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