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April 4, 2024
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Nukem Blinds: Are They The Best Ground Blind Solution?

As hunters we're always looking for the next best tool in our hunting tool bag. Surely this new product will help us harvest more deer, turkeys, or even ducks. Well, this one probably will help you do just that!


If you've ever found yourself in a hunting situation where you really wanted a ground blind but didn't have time to use sticks and ground cover to make one and you definitely didn't want to carry a full ground blind that far, then you need to keep reading.

Last year at the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention in Nashville, TN, we came across a neat option for the exact situation that I described above. And since then, we've found these portable ground blinds useful in even more hunting situations.

Just because we found them at the NWTF Convention doesn't mean they're just for turkey hunting though!

We used them a few different times during deer season, and they worked like a charm. Let's take a look at these patented blinds.

Nukem Blind Specifications:

  • Three (3) pounds and folds to 32 inches
  • Up to seven (7) feet wide
  • Adjustable height of 45-53 inches
  • Designed for one hunter either on the ground or in a low profile chair
  • Comes with it's own carrying bag
  • Three and a half (3.5) pounds and folds to 38 inches
  • Up to nine (9) feet wide
  • Adjustable height of 45-60 inches
  • Good for 1-2 hunters sitting in either a regular height chair or a low profile chair
  • Comes with it's own carrying bag
  • Also has stubble straps to help with brushing in if you'd like
Nukem Blinds come in two sizes, Standard and XL

Nukem Blinds were created for the run & gun style hunter, I would assume at least initially with the turkey hunter in mind. And, they claim to provide "ultimate mobility and concealment." Obviously, the task of providing ultimate concealment may actually be better achieved with a full ground blind that covers you from all angles, but when you marry concealment with mobility, you get the Nukem hunting blind.

Camoflauge Patterns and Leafy Designs:

The Nukem Double Up System in Mossy Oak Obsession 3D leafy design


The flat panel blinds are made with 150 Denier nylon and the leafy’s are 75 Denier. This fabric is likely why they are so lightweight, yet they've proved durable for us so far. We’ve carried them around the woods quite a bit and I’m sure we’ve caught it on plenty of briars. Thankfully, we haven’t noticed any issues with them.

The poles are made similarly to a tent pole, with the bungee inside, so they can be bent to put up and take down. While that flexibility makes for easier setup and take down, they still feel sturdy once assembled. The top of the blind is a see-through mesh which allows you to still see everything you need but still have your head hidden. And the lower part is solid so depending on your setup, most movements below your shoulders will be hidden.

The triangle design makes it so you can shoot through the window, or slide over and shoot out the side if needed. They are designed to be stake free and sturdily sit in a triangle position in front of you, but they do come with stake loops if you know it's going to be really windy while you're hunting one day.

Easily Carried:

Easy one pole take down makes it easy to carry without completely folding it down.

We have both been using the Standard size blind, basically because we don't want to carry chairs with us also. Especially during turkey season, our goal is usually to stay as mobile as possible and we try to limit carrying all the extras. When it's folded into the provided carrying bag, the small frame and light weight make it easy to carry. In fact, depending on your exact turkey vest, there is a good chance it may even fit in the bird bag for longer walks.

Of course, if you're in the game and making moves, you likely wouldn't fold it all the way back up. One of the neat features of this blind is you can easily pull out the center pole, fold it all together, and you're ready to move quickly. So if you're between setups, you don't have to take the time to break it all the way down. It carries easily through the woods and can be ready for a fast setup.

I think the XL size blind would probably be better for a really tall person or if you were primarily planning to hunt from a chair instead of the ground. It seems like it would still be easily carried as it is only 1/2 pound heavier, but it is slightly longer so just keep that in mind.

Another great feature of the Nukem blinds is the ease of changing the window height.

Easily adjust the height by adjusting the width

Almost every full ground blind we've hunted from seems to have windows that are too high for Adrian. With these blinds, all that is needed is to widen the frame a little and the window is automatically lower. So regardless of your height, these blinds could work for you.

Busted only once so far:

We got busted when the deer was beside/almost behind us.

Now, if you'd rather carry in a full ground blind and a couple of chairs so you can sit primarily in one spot most of the time, these blinds probably aren't for you. They get rid of the need for that full ground blind and offer you plenty of concealment from almost any angle. We did get busted one time while deer hunting though. A couple of does got basically beside us and almost behind us, which was also downwind, and they knew they didn't like what they saw (or possibly also smelled). But that wasn't necessarily the blinds fault, we didn't expect the deer to be coming from that direction.

New Feature for 2024: The Nukem "Double Up System"

A double up panel between two blinds increases concealment and gives you room for another person

This is a brand new addition to their product line and while we haven't used it in a hunting scenario yet, I think it we will likely use it quite a bit during both turkey and deer seasons. It is basically a middle panel that will connect two of their blinds really increasing your concealment if you're hunting with two and probably even three people.

The entire double up system weighs less than eight (8) pounds and can easily be carried by two people, since it really is two blinds anyway. The fabric panel and connector piece that provides stability for the connection can be stuffed in your pack or vest without taking up a lot of extra room. Setup and take down of the double up system takes barely any extra time once you've practiced a couple of times. Of course, the blinds still can be carried in the same manner we described above.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be carried in provided blind bag or scrunched together with poles still extended
  • Multiple window heights available based on your setup
  • Offers concealment without carrying a full ground blind
  • Bungee style tent poles are easily assembled
  • Durable fabric should last a long time
  • "Double Up System" offers an even bigger footprint without a lot of weight
  • Multiple camo and 3D leafy designs from which to choose
  • It is still something else to carry into the woods
  • If the game you're hunting comes in behind you, you might get busted
  • Double Up System is more expensive than most less expensive ground blinds


Q: Why would I use a Nukem blind?

A: In cases where you want quick, lightweight concealment that's also easy to carry between setups if a change is needed. We've used them in the hardwoods turkey hunting as well as sitting on a field edge waiting for deer to come feed in the evenings.

Q: How many sizes and camo patterns are available?

A: Nukem blinds come in two different sizes (Standard and XL) and six different camo patterns. Two of those camo patterns are available in a 3D leafy design. Mossy Oak Obsession - Flat Panel and 3D Leafy Design; Mossy Oak New Bottomland; Mossy Oak Greenleaf - Flat Panel and 3D Leafy Design; Mossy Oak Habitat; TrueTimber Strata Camo; TrueTimber HTC Green

Q: Are they actually easy to setup?

A: Yes. It's as simple as that. The poles are tent style bungee cord connected and are almost impossible to mess up. It's easy to setup or take down in the dark if needed. And you can easily change setups by only taking down one pole enabling you to relocate quickly.

Should I Buy This Thing?

You know the drill - it depends on what you’re looking for!

It really comes down to the style of hunting you prefer.

If you'd rather sit in a comfortable chair and be able to move as much as you want with a low chance of spooking game, or you plan to hunt from the same place all the time, then you probably want a full ground blind you’re going to climb into instead.

But, if you prefer to run and gun or just don’t want to carry a big blind and chairs, then I’d give Nukem blinds a serious look. These work great for turkey hunting, but remember they can also very easily be used deer, predator, or waterfowl hunting as well.

We’ve really enjoyed using them, but there are still plenty of times we go minimalist and just tuck against a big tree, up under a big cedar, or in a bush. If you'd just rather not cary anything extra then they may not be for you. But, that extra cover is an excellent benefit, especially if you think you may be sitting more than hiking. 

MSRP is $110 for the flat panel Standard size and can go up to $140 for the leafy XL. The Double Up system obviously is more expensive since you're buying two blinds and the middle panel. They can be purchased directly from Nukem Blinds online or on Amazon.

Nukem Blinds available on Amazon
Available on Amazon

For us, I am thankful to have them as part of our hunting tool bag and I know they will get plenty of use this turkey season. In fact, we're probably using them this coming weekend for opening day of youth turkey season here in NC!

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Robbie has enjoyed the outdoors since he can remember. His earliest memories include hours upon hours of squirrel hunting and learning how to enjoy all aspects of hunting season in God's wonderful outdoors. Now he is always working hard and testing gear in the field to give you the best review and most thorough information he possibly can.