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June 22, 2023
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The New Solo Stove Surround: Is it Worth it?

Can Solo Stove really make their fire pits better? The Solo Stove Surround may just be the centerpiece of the backyard you've been wanting. Is it something that's really worth the extra money? We answer all your questions in our Solo Stove Surround review.


If you can name something that's more relaxing than sitting around a crackling fire on a cool night just taking in nature, I'm all ears.

For the past couple of years we've been enjoying fires in our Solo Stove Bonfire Firepit. Adrian has a full review on the Bonfire smokeless firepit as well as several of the accessories we've used such as the Griddle, Grill, and Heat Deflector. It has allowed us to build fires in many different places, and we haven't gotten smoked out of any of them!

The main benefit of a smokeless fire pit is that it helps decrease that smoky smell that comes along with sitting next to a fire.

According to Solo Stove, their "Signature 360° Airflow super-heats air to burn off smoke before it can get to your clothes and hair. And without that pesky 'post-fire' smell, teary eyes, or a game of musical chairs to dodge smoke, you can enjoy ultimate warmth without sacrificing comfort."

The Surround helps you and your loved ones stay a safe distance from the fire.

However, with that "ultimate warmth" comes the possibility for increased accidents. While the inside of the firepit is obviously where the extreme heat is, the outside walls also get pretty hot.

That seems to be one of the reasons Solo Stove developed the Solo Stove Surround.

The Fire Pit Surround is made of powder-coated steel and a durable UV-resistant outdoor fabric with the idea of protecting "wandering hands and wagging tails" that may come near your fire pit.

Fair warning though:

When it says assembly required, be ready. Solo Stove says about 20 mins, but expect to spend closer to an hour from unboxing to the end of construction.


Bonfire | Ranger Surround

  • Outer Diameter: 42 in.
  • Inner Diameter: 21.6 in.
  • Total Height: 20 in.
  • Tabletop Shelf Width: 7 in.
  • Weight: 46 lbs

The Fire Pit Surround does help keep everyone and everything away from the flames. But, we've noticed that it offers several other benefits

Solo Stove Surround provides a versatile platform around your fire

Just recently, while cooking steaks on the Grill Accessory, the surround platform provided the perfect place for resting our plates, drinks, and serving the food.

It has a perforated tabletop design that reduces heat absorption and allows air to flow freely around the fire pit. By minimizing heat transfer, the Surround can become a versatile surface for cold drinks and even s'mores ingredients.

We've really enjoyed adding the Surround to our fire pit not just for the platform around it, but for the centerpiece it can provide. It adds a certain amount of bulk to your back yard so it seems more permanent.

It can really be the main attraction for your next gathering.

But, don't let the size fool you. Because of the materials used, the Surround is lightweight enough to be easily carried by two people if you need to move it. And, it's also sturdy enough to provide peace of mind.

Don't forget that now you can really have a fire almost anywhere outdoors. While the Surround provides a surface for your Ranger, Bonfire, Canyon, or Yukon to rest on, it also has adjustable feet so you can make sure it's level in a lot of different areas.

Drinks stay relatively cool next to the fire

Even though the Surround is lightweight enough that it can be easily moved, once you like where it's at, you will probably want to leave it there.

Thankfully, Solo Stove knew that would be your thoughts, and they created a larger and durable shelter to keep your Surround safe from the elements.

We've had one on ours since we got it, and it has really helped protect both the Surround and the Bonfire itself.

Pros & Cons

  • Increased safety for adults, children, and pets near your fire
  • Durable, powder coated steel that will last
  • Platform stays cool for drinks, food, or resting your feet (but don't sit on it!)
  • Solo Stove Shelter keeps the Surround from the elements
  • MSRP $449 (at time of writing it's on sale for $344.99)
  • Lots of parts and time involved in assembly


Q: How long does it really take to put this together?
A: It took Adrian a little over an hour from opening the box until it was completely assembled.

Q: How can I get a discount on any Solo Stove product?
A: For $10 off your next Solo Stove purchase go to: SOLO STOVE and use the COUPON CODE: ReviewThisThing10

Should I Buy This Thing?

The Solo Stove Surround gives you a place to prepare food, set drinks, or even prop your feet while you're relaxing.

You won't regret your Solo Stove Surround

Even though it definitely requires quite a bit of time for assembly, we've really come to enjoy what the Surround offers.

Keep in mind, it can be used with the Heat Deflector (with the longer legs) so that even though you're further away from the fire, you can still stay warm on those cooler nights.

For all these reasons, we've continued to be impressed with this product. Add to that Solo Stove's Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects and you've got a solid place to enjoy a camp fire for several years to come!

If you already have a Solo Stove, you know that their quality is worth the price - especially when it's on sale right now (at least at the time of writing this article).

If you have a Solo Stove Surround or other accessories you think we should know about, please email us or comment on the video and let us know your experience. If you have another smokeless fire pit and consider it to be the best one, please comment or email us so we can check it out!

As always, please email or comment with any questions you may have also.

*All opinions are ours. We are not paid for any of these reviews. We did receive this item free for review, but this never impacts our opinions or freedom to discuss them. Our goal is to always provide a thorough, unbiased, and honest review with no fluff - just facts and our opinions - so you feel like you can make a well-informed buying decision.

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